Workin' Man Hands - 4 oz

Caveman Apothecary


The garage is my Fortress of Solitude.  Before I retired from the Army, operating down range would make my hands sandpaper rough. Nowadays I wrench on guns, build stuff.  My hands get torn up as you would expect. While that doesn't really bother me much, the wife doesn't like me with super rough hands.  Manly hands, yes.  Porcupine hands?  Not so much.  So I was challenged with a need to get my hands clean and get all of the grease and gunk off and also make sure that Household 6 doesn't start complaining, er - "offering feedback". 

Workin' Man Hands gets your hands clean (thanks to pumice powder), but also has Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil and Vegetable Glycerin to keep your hands soft.  Not a heavy lather, but an effective degreaser.  We added Grapefruit Essential Oil to add to the cleansing power and not have it smell like pumice. 

The wife is happy because I have softer hands that are still quite manly.  I'm happy because the wife is happy.  So I guess it's a win-win.

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